Our Mission

One of our primary goals is to develop a long-term, trusting relationship with you.

Client Centered

Our leaders have a combined 70+ years working with employers and their employees’ designing plans that protect employees and their families while they are working while preparing them for retirement.  

Creating a foundation of protection while working and in retirement is the core component of our planning process.  This mission is deeply important to all of us but especially to our founder Michael Gerali.  The picture to the right was taken on a fishing trip in 2008 with Michael, his brother Mark and his two cousins Chris and Jeff.  Unfortunately, Mark passed away later that year, and both Chris and Jeff passed away within the next 9 years, all of them under the age of 65.  None of them made it to their social security retirement age, and all of them left behind spouses and children.  Because of this we have created a self-serve marketplace where our clients can educate themselves about the options available around life insurance, disability insurance and other insurance coverages.  In addition, many of these resources allow a client to purchase coverages directly on the websites.  Our YouTube channel, “Healthcare Genius,” is designed to provide educational content around all sorts of topics related to Healthcare and Retirement.   

For those who make it to retirement, we have designed a unique plan we call TIPP, Tailored Individual Pension Plan.  We created it to provide our clients with a template that mirrors the benefit plans that were once offered by most employers.  It consists of 4 components:  Guaranteed Income for Life, Protection against life’s obstacles in retirement, Tax-free income to cover healthcare costs, and Protection against potential long term care costs for you or your spouse.  Because there are 4 components, we can customize a solution around a client’s existing plans that may already have one or more of the components in place.  Finally, we believe that by properly planning for healthcare in retirement, we can help most of our clients save up to $100,000 or more on healthcare costs throughout their retirement years, money that can be used for family vacations, charitable contributions, or any other reason the client feels is important.

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