Michael Gerali

Michael Gerali


Michael Gerali is a Colorado native and has been active in the insurance, employee benefits and HR consulting arena since 1989. He is the founder of multiple companies including HR Solutions, Bespoke Healthcare, and Bespoke Retirement Advisors.

He has spent his career working with private and public corporations and their employees on group benefits, retirement planning and executive benefit planning.  He also was a featured speaker at numerous national conferences on the topics of Retiree Pension and Health Care Obligations.  

Michael helps business owners, CFO’s and HR professionals create healthcare and retirement plans that can assist owners, executives, and employees in creating tax-efficient income streams in retirement while saving taxes while working.  

He co-authored a book on retirement planning entitled, “What you Don’t Know About Retirement Will Hurt You!” and will be releasing a new book on the “Punch in the Gut Tax from Social Security,” which looks at the relationship between Social Security and Medicare.  In 2019, he co-created the YouTube channel, “Healthcare Genius” that is designed to shed light on retirement and healthcare planning topics.   

Michael’s goals are to help his clients create a “Tailored Individual Pension Plan” (TIPP) that can provide the retirement security that was once offered by most organizations to their employees and includes protection against long-term care events in retirement.  

He is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance. He lives in Greenwood Village, Colorado with his wife Allyson and has two daughters living their “best lives” in New York City.