Shannon Dow

Shannon Dow


Shannon Dow is a consultant who works with business owners, human resource professionals and their employees to help them protect against life’s unforeseen events while preparing for retirement.  

Shannon spent her early career working in agriculture with farmers and agribusiness leaders to provide efficiency and increased profitability to their operations.  

She then spent time working with a start-up, AiVante Health Solutions, focusing on data analytics to assist employees in choosing the right healthcare plans while forecasting healthcare costs in retirement.

In 2019, she partnered with Michael to create the YouTube Channel, ‘Healthcare Genius,” creating educational content around healthcare and retirement topics.  

She is a co-founder of Bespoke Healthcare and Bespoke Retirement Advisors.  

Shannon’s passion is helping younger adults and families plan for a successful retirement and protect themselves and their families while they are working.  

Shannon is a graduate of the University of Minnesota. She resides in Denver with her husband Justyn, daughter Eva, and dogs Luna and Archie, and they have enjoyed making Colorado their home over the past several years.